Postini End of Life: Can You Rely on Google for Email Security?

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McAfee-Postini-080813-220x150Let’s assume you’re an IT professional. A major part of your job is to make sure the technology you adopt and

deploy to your workforce enables productivity and does not compromise the integrity of your company’s information. Experience tells you to trust a security vendor for this, but what if your security vendor is no longer a security vendor?

In the case of Postini, all customers of this email security service are now being transitioned into the larger portfolio of Google Apps for Business. The problem is, some of the features customers were used to, along with the features that truly lead the industry in email protection, simply aren’t available within Google Apps.

We’re relentless in our pursuit of keeping businesses safe around the world, and security is all we do. Take a second to consider these key functions of email security, which we feel are core to maintaining a strong security posture:

  • Filtering out spam, viruses, and malware — Many cloud providers will do this, but be sure to look at their catch rates, false positives, and malware detection.
  • Encrypting sensitive email — This feature is rarely offered by a cloud provider. If you do business in verticals such as legal services, finance, healthcare, or government, you need to encrypt sensitive emails to stay in compliance.
  • Stopping outbound email data loss automatically — An advanced feature of email security, integrated data loss prevention (DLP) identifies email content far beyond just credit card and social security numbers to help organizations block, encrypt, quarantine, or take action on sensitive information.

Whether your email is hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both, comprehensive protection is essential to keep your data secure. Interested in making the switch? Give McAfee a call at 1-888-702-1488.