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centuion adBy Jesse Hebisen, Centurion Technologies

You work hard to acquire and retain your clients. Every day they rely on you for

one thing – keeping their computers and networks working. But we all know that when the malicious email comes with “the link”, THEY WILL CLICK ON IT. The client’s computer is down, productivity is halted and remediation is paramount. Your client is unhappy and you have to switch gears to focus on their problem.

When that problem arises, whether it is user error or a malicious attack, what if they simply restart the computer and the problem disappears? No more downtime for your clients. And they are so overjoyed with your service they recommend you to all their friends.

SmartShield by Centurion Technologies empowers IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers by providing tools to create instantYour clients can use their computers the same way they always have but if they have a problem there is no downtime – a simple restart is all they need. You know your clients will always be happy because the one thing they count on –computer uptime – is always assured and you never even leave your office.

SmartShield by Centurion Technologies is an American made product. Our support and development is located in St. Louis, MO so and your clients don’t have to worry if you need our help. Plus, you can have the good feeling that comes in knowing you are supporting an American business.

SmartShield is 100% committed to the channel. Our success is built with partners like you and we want to invest in you. Visit us at SMB Nation Live Experience.

If you would like to see how SmartShield works, click here:

You can try SmartShield by Centurion Technologies at or give us a call at 800.224.7977.