Speed matters for SMBs

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jabraminiSpeed is your most effective weapon – and greater mobility means faster results.

In today’s turbo-charged business environment, it isn’t the big that

crush the small – it’s the fast that defeat the slow. So giving your team tools that allow them to make better decisions faster is smart. SMB’s that can collaborate, iterate and execute faster than their bigger dinosaurs are the ones that not only survive but thrive in this new future of smart, nimble work.

At Jabra, we understand speed – because in business, speed means mobility, instant collaboration and seamless communication no matter where you and your team happen to be. And when it comes to instant communication, nothing beats wireless. Take it from the company that launched the world’s first Bluetooth headset, the first wireless headset, the first digital DECT wireless headset and the first Unified Communications headset. Innovation and execution are in our blood.

We also understand that cash flow is like oxygen and money is always a key decision factor for SMB’s the world over. So we’ve designed products that make life easy with low cost wireless headsets that won’t stretch your budget and a software-driven design architecture that stays upgraded, updated and future-proof.

The first name in Bluetooth

At Jabra, we’re more than the first company to launch a Bluetooth headset – we’re the global leader in Bluetooth headsets. Our expertise in wireless headsets covers every major wireless technology. So if its wireless, chances are it started with Jabra.

Affordable wireless for the whole team

Great technology won’t help your SMB if you can’t afford it – so Jabra designed its PRO 900 series wireless headsets to be affordable enough for the whole team. For a price pretty close to the higher end corded solutions on the market, you can give your team the ability to work, walk and talk everywhere in the office.

Software-driven architecture means your investment is future proof

If you’re like most SMB’s, you probably don’t have a full-time CIO on staff. So relying on products that keep themselves upgraded and updated all the time with the click of a mouse button is smart. Jabra’s PC Connect software suite keeps all of Jabra’s USB headsets future proofed, so your investment stays working for you.

Check out our Mobile worker solutions here http://www.jabra.com/headsets-and-speakerphones/professional-products/mobile-workplace