One MSP Shows and Tells All – His Secret To Success

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

One of the things I love about the IT industry is the true sense of camaraderie that exists

among this great community.

It doesn’t much matter what part of the country I visit -- or what trade show, event or association I attend – the story is always the same: almost everyone in this industry willing to share information, knowledge, and experiences.

One of many such examples of this is Jim Turner, President of Hilltop Consultants. Click here now to hear Jim share some powerful advice about managing internal QA of your services, best ways to audit T&M clients, and how to win new business 100% of the time.

Hilltop Consulting is a Washington DC-based Managed Services company focusing on serving the many professional services organizations, lobbying groups, and government agencies that are found in his neck of the woods.

His company has been in business since 2003 and has 19 employees. Jim’s company found and adopted Network Detective about a year ago after being told about it by a colleague (what goes around, comes around).

Jim was told that Network Detective was a unique IT assessment tool that was faster and easier to use than other products, and is completely non-invasive with no agents, probes or software to install. And the array of reports that it generates can all be easily customized and branded to create a powerful, compelling, and highly-valuable IT assessment.

After trying out the tool, Jim quickly subscribed to give him unlimited usage for a full year. He originally purchased it to drive new business, and claims it hasn’t failed yet to win a new client in competitive situations.

But he now also uses the same tool to perform paid audits with his limited T&M clients, and also uses it for Quality Control on all of his existing managed services clients.

Jim shared an actual example of the reports he generates with Network Detective during a recent presentation recorded by RapidFire Tools. Here’s the link to watch it: