Upgrading to a new machine: not just XP migrations

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zinstall advertphoto"I’m going to replace my old system with a new one with Windows 8.
Can you move all of my stuff (programs,

files and settings) to the new machine?"

If you get this kind of inquiries from your customers, take a look further.

Whenever users buy a new PC, or even upgrade an existing one, they need to transfer their files, settings, and most importantly applications to new computers, without reinstalls and without losing any of the data.

This is especially timely nowadays: XP "end-of-life" is going to even further increase the movement from old to new systems.

Frank Miles of Redwood, CA, was not even aware that this can be done when he learned about Zinstall. Now, Frank reports that he is finally able to answer “yes” when customers ask him the question above, and even more than that – both consumers and SMBs are willing to pay quite a bit to save the pain and cost of reinstalling everything from scratch.

You can check out the product in this video or on the product page.

Zinstall products allow to turn the migration demand into hard cash.

We have now opened a new program, which grants an affordable license exclusively to PC Technicians.

Plus, first 100 SMB Nation members who sign for this Partner Program get a free NFR license of WinWin Zinstall’s flagship migration product.

In order to claim the above, fill in the SMB Nation Partner Program Form.