How To Beat The IT Service “Goliaths” When You Are A “David”

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

Many readers of this newsletter are owners or employees of very small IT service organizations, just like

target="_blank" href="">AF Technical Resources, a five-person shop based out of Milwaukee, WI.

Scott Granicki, the company’s owner, will tell you that being small has its advantages – most particularly being nimble, fast-to-respond, and being able to operate with much lower overhead than the larger IT shops he successfully competes against every day.

Click here now and you’ll hear Scott reveal how his little company is able – in his own words – “to cast a huge shadow and win business over the big IT firms.”

Scott is one of five MSPs who agreed to participate in an MSP “Show and Tell” webinar for RapidFire Tools – makers of Network Detective. During the event each of the five successful IT service providers gave explicit examples of how Network Detective helps them grow their business. And, they also shared the exact reports that they produced in the process.

During Scott’s presentation, he describes how he was invited back to a former prospect that he was unable to convert a few years prior. The old incumbent service provider was still entrenched.

But this time around, Scott was armed with Network Detective, and that changed everything.

Listen now to Scott share with you all the details – how he got invited back, what happened when he was on site, and how he was ultimately able to win that client. Check it out at