How One Small MSP Plans To Reach 10,000 Prospective Clients

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

There’s nothing more inspiring than listening to true entrepreneurs with clear visions for their companies, and game plans

for turning those visions into reality.

Dan McCoy is one such person, and I was lucky enough to catch him talking about his plan to literally “own” the IT Services market for Chiropractors within 2 years.

If you’d like to hear his 11-minute story, click here and I’m sure it will get you thinking about what market your company might own.

“A lot of MSPs limit themselves to working locally,” says Dan. “They feel like they have to be the ones that go out into the field to provide the service.”

But Dan has come to the conclusion that there’s really nothing special in the actual technical aspects of “fixing” an issue, or installing a new piece of hardware or software.

“I had to figure out what we were really selling,” said Dan. “What was my ‘soul’ purpose? I had to figure out where I had the most value in my client relationships.”

That’s when Dan decided that he was going to start a spin-off company with the primary mission to provide IT services to Chiropractors. Why Chiropractors, you may ask?”

Lots of reasons! First, Dan was passionate about Chiropractic health care. He had experienced first-hand the benefits of Chiropractic treatments to members of his family, and wanted to “give back.”

He also had some clients and referral partners in this market and, through research, identified a potential universe of more than 10,000 Chiropractors that might buy his services.

Just as important, Dan “productized” his offering. He packaged up a bundle of services, put a price on it that was affordable for the clients and profitable for him, and used that as his primary “base-line” offering. Once clients signed up for his $299/month service, he would work to upsell additional projects and expanded managed services.

In order to generate leads for his base-line service, Dan goes in with a proposal do to an initial Network Assessment using Network Detective.

“I know a lot of service providers use Network Detective and just offer to do free assessments,” said Dan. “But we set up a value of $795 for the basic assessment, and then offer a special deal at about half the price, and then offer to apply what they pay us to their first month’s service if they sign up with us.”

Dan believes that the paid Network Assessment is a key driver for growing his business, and reports that 75% of prospects who get the network assessment go on to purchase his baseline service.

“The coolest thing is that we’re getting paid to uncover selling opportunities,” he gleefully added. “It doesn’t get any better than that!”