Don’t forget to assess YOUR OWN network!

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

If you want to really understand the value of performing regular IT assessments for your

clients, try doing an assessment on your own network – you might be really surprised at what you find.

Sean Tindall is the Chief Technical Officer at Bulletproof Infotech in Calgary, and he knows what I’m talking about.

“We follow an internal scheduled security audit for ourselves the same way we do with all of our customers,” he said. “We started doing this regularly after doing a routine security audit on our own network with Network Detective. Our review included an external vulnerability scan which found SNMP enabled on the LAN port of one of our firewalls.”

At first, Sean didn’t believe what he was seeing from Network Detective’s External Vulnerabilities Detail report.

“I was certain that this was a false positive,” he said. “Some weakness in the tool that was detecting something that was not happening. As it turned out, we logged onto the unit, and sure enough, SNMP was enabled. Even though there was a White List in place, it was responding in a way that indicated to us that this feature was enabled, so we quickly turned it off.”

That incident, more than anything Sean has found at client sites, made him a believer in using Network Detective on his own network regularly.

“That really spoke to me from the technical side,” he said. “That’s when I was convinced that there are some technical chops behind what Network Detective is doing.”

The tool used by Sean is easy to use, very powerful, and can be purchased with an affordable unlimited-use annual subscription. Check it out at