IT Security Breaches: The New Normal

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By Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

Bob Vogel BlueIf you are reading this before Thursday, 10/23/14, I strongly recommend that you register for what could

be a game-changing webinar for you.

On that day, at 2 PM Eastern 11 AM Pacific, RapidFire Tools, Inc. will be talking about Internal Vulnerabilities, and a new tool they have to help you deliver better IT security services and maybe save your clients from an “inside” attack.

Here’s the link to register to see it live or, if you missed it, to watch a recording:

Data breaches have become such “big news” that it is virtually impossible to ignore. Big names from Home Depot, to Target, to JPMorgan top the headlines… and I can guarantee that your clients are much more sensitized to this issue than ever before.

Of course, your clients might think that cyber thieves are only after mega companies with millions of customer accounts. So it’s on you to make sure your clients know that, for every big data breach they read about, there are thousands of instances of external and internal cyber-thieves gaining access to information that’s supposed to be private and protected.

In fact, according to a recent survey, in the past 18 months, 51 percent of companies said they had at least one security breach. And, in the same survey, 18% of companies said losses from data breaches were more than $500,000 and another 8% said they had losses of more than $1 million.

This presents a big opportunity, and a big risk, for any MSP or IT service provider. If the networks and computers you manage are breached, some of that liability could easily trickle down to you. On the other hand, with the right legal agreements and the right tools, you can protect your clients AND make more money doing it.

RapidFire Tools, Inc. has rapidly risen to the top of the market as the leading supplier of high tech tools for IT service providers, especially for its Network Detective product line of non-invasive IT assessment tools.