Are You Leaving Money on the Table with Office 365?

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A lot of SMB partners are wondering if they are leaving money on the table when selling Microsoft Office 365. The shift from

on-premise to cloud-based products means potential disruption of traditional partner revenue streams, but there is still plenty of opportunity for SMB partners. One of those key areas is something that Harry talks a lot about: application layering. One of the best application layer products for SMBs that we have seen is attachedapps.

Basically, attachedapps are a set of subscription-based apps that are tightly integrated with Office 365 and Outlook, and let customers to do things like turn leads into contacts, manage sales pipelines, and provide customer support. All without having to deal with the expense and complexity of full-blown CRM products.

I really like their free app, attachedContacts, which is the foundation for all attachedapps and layers in deep and valuable functionality in Outlook. Because attachedContacts is so tightly integrated with Outlook, customers can do things like share Outlook contacts with others in the company, and update and keep them in sync…all without even having to leave Outlook. Very cool!

Another great feature of attachedapps is the fact you can track all email history, including documents, associated with a specific contact and share it with the company. That makes work a lot easier, especially in a team selling or service environment.

Plus, attachedapps is taking a true “partner first” approach that lets you generate revenue through generous referral fees, and add-on services, such as remote administration, field customization and migration support. They even have co-branding and partner-specific tile capabilities. AND they just announced a Preferred Partner Program for partners that sign up before November 30th. Benefits include increased revenue sharing, preferred placement on their partner locator, and much more.

Be sure to check them out at or call (425) 615-7008.