Do You Get Me?

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That’s what every partner should ask vendors. Sometimes it can get a little frustrating working with vendors that don’t “get” partners. A lot of

them don’t seem to understand the role that partners like you play in selling IT solutions to SMBs, and even worse, don’t understand how partners make money. A lot of them will create products, stick them on a web site then spend a lot of money on direct marketing and sales in an attempt to get customers to come buy them. We all know that that is not the best way to serve SMB customers.

No one understands that better than attachedapps. They have developed some very innovative apps for SMBs, and are taking a true “partner-first” strategy. attachedapps help solve the #1 pain point for SMBs, retaining, managing and growing customers, and are tightly integrated with Office 365. Their unique partner program includes very generous referral fees, and they completely understand that services is really where the money is for partners. They make it easy to add your own services to their apps, even their free one, attachedContacts. This includes services like migration, customization, remote administration, and even integration with other line of business products using their robust API.

Plus, they also have aPreferred Partner Program for partners that sign up before November 31. Bonuses include:

  • Higher referral fees that double your referral fee percentage in year 2
  • Priority placement on their partner locator
  • Lifetime Partner Account Manager (PAM) support
  • Lifetime Partner Advisory Council membership
  • Co-marketing assistance

In short, attachedapps “gets” partners. You should get with it, as well! Check them out at or call (425) 615-7008.