Simple is Not Easy, But it is Profitable

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attachedapps Dec 2014SMB customers and the partners that serve them have an amazing variety of IT solutions to choose from these days. Along with

so many choices comes a lot of confusion around which solutions are best: cloud vs. on-site vs. hybrid, apps vs. software vs. suites, subscription vs. long term licenses, less filling vs. tastes great. OK, so maybe not that last one so much, but you get the idea. If customers get too confused, they may just decide to forego making any decisions at all and just stick with what they’ve got, no matter how outdated or inefficient. That’s why one of the biggest competitors in the SMB IT space is “good enough”. Luckily, some vendors are stepping up to the plate and developing SMB solutions that are based on the concept of simplicity. One of our favorites is attachedapps.

The folks at attachedapps have an extensive background in understanding the needs of SMB customers and the partners that serve them. They have used this background to develop some truly groundbreaking apps that are “powerfully simple”. The apps enable customers who are using virtually any version of Exchange to easily manage, share and sync contacts, track sales, manage customers, and more, without having to deploy complicated and expensive CRM solutions. They are all cloud-hosted, HTML5 based, and available on simple, monthly subscriptions. Simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to purchase. That’s how to win the hearts and minds of SMB customers.

Speaking of winning hearts and minds, the attachedapps team has also built an exceptional partner program, and is taking a true “partner first” approach to selling their apps. This means that partners can not only earn some of the highest referral fees in the industry, but can also build additional services around the apps, including remote administration and customization. And their partner program is simple to join. No fees, no tests, and no hassle.

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