How to make BIG even BIGGER

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One copy every second. That’s how much Office 365 is being sold worldwide according to Microsoft. It is the fastest selling product in Microsoft’s

history. Even better, over 75% of all of those installations are being done by partners. That’s what we call a BIG opportunity. However, there’s an even BIGGER opportunity, and it is associated with doing what partners do best: adding value to the products that they sell or recommend.

In a recent 3-part series called "How to Make Money with Office 365”, Harry touched on a few key areas. One of the biggest ones is adding apps to Office 365. You see, while Office 365 is a great product, it is still missing some key functionality, especially for SMB customers. For instance, one of the biggest pain points for SMBs is retaining, managing and growing their customers. In order to do this effectively, businesses need a good way to manage contacts, track sales, and support customers. “But wait, doesn’t CRM do that?” you might be asking. Sort of, but most SMBs don’t want the cost and complexity of a full CRM solution. That’s why the #1 contact manager for SMBs is still Outlook’s Address Book, and the #2 contact manager is Excel. There is a better solution.

attachedapps has created a set of simple, easy to use, inexpensive apps that enable SMBs to easily manage, retain and grow their customers. Their apps are designed to “attach” easily to Office 365, and are tightly integrated with Exchange and Outlook. The apps are cloud-hosted and based on HTML5, which means that they run on any device anywhere. What’s more, the attachedapps team is taking a true partner-first strategy to selling their apps. They have a generous revenue sharing model as well as capabilities that enable partners to add services on top of their apps, even the free one.

You should check them out, and start benefitting from the BIGGER opportunities that attaching attachedapps to Office 365 enable.