Necessity is the Mother of Invention during the pandemic pandemonium. Last month it was Becky Harrison-Drake, a career school teacher from my former hometown of Anchorage, Alaska that reached out and asked if I (Harry Brelsford) could take her Kindergarten class on a virtual field trip to my Llama Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas

We’re back with the National Christina Foundation as it continues to ramp and scale to acquire used/old computer stuff (that be equipment) to repair and then return to underserved communities such as students and elderly community.

Today is "Giving Tuesday NOW" and I'm interfacing with a local museum to make a permanent donation of my model sailboat collection for use to both display and use as a rotating exhibit. I accumulated these boats over my 30+ year technology career as I traveled to 46+ countries (my goal was to buy a model sailboat in each country).

We’re back with Ken Dwight – the virus doctor – is hearing a lot from this anti-virus technology community (who would have know his trademark “The Virus Doctor” would have a double-meaning during this era).

New Online Business Models

In every economic cycle there are winners and losers. The coming depression/recession will be no different. For many years I’ve tracked the online ecommerce area with Seattle being the home of Amazon and Avalara (online sales tax calculation solution).


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Seattle-based Michael Fraser is keeping it safe in his home office and he shared with us BIG WIN concerning a Department of Defense (DOD) contract. The win is significant as it’s a door opener to further opportunities.

This is a chronicle of my recent travel experience.

First off let me paint this picture. When I drove to Austin, Texas last Fall to be a snowbird, the trip took about five days and was just under 2,500-miles as I took a long route through Denver, Colorado to attend a three-day Ingram Micro conference (one of the last conferences I’ve attended since – who woulda thought it?).

DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing, SMB Products joins us for a quarterly check-in. In early March, Cisco made several announcements concerning the small business sales motion (catch our conversation about the new “button”) and product stack enhancements.

 Contributor Alex Fields went heads down for the first part of 2020 to revise his popular book, now called “The Microsoft 365 Business Migration and Configuration Guide: Deploying, Securing and Managing Microsoft 365 Business”

Time to get back to what we do best at SMB Nation – helping others. With our 49,500 community members who are truly feet on the street, we are working with the National Christina Foundation to rapidly scale the distribution of low-cost and no cost technology assets to solve the digital