Why Tablets are the Next Step to Small Business Success


Intel 5.16.2014You will very rarely find small business employees and owners just standing behind a counter or sitting at a desk. In today’s business

environment, employees are constantly on the move, connecting with customers and bringing in business no matter where they are. The ability to work from anywhere has opened doors and allowed access into communities and worlds that customers might otherwise overlook. The Small Business Administration (SBA) found that 96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the United States. It is up to small business owners everywhere to capitalize on this global consumer, but how?

The answer lies within the tools and technologies that give small businesses the ability to be on the move and access a growing consumer base. Below are the top three reasons Intel processor-based tablets are a small business owner’s optimal tool for advancing their business in this global economy.

1. A need for speed

Tablets have the ability to speed up tasks, processes, and the overall productivity of a small business. Employees can count on their tablet to have a strong battery life, allowing them to work from wherever they are and take their small business mobile. SMB owners can count on tablets with Intel processors to cut out the waiting and increase the workflow.

2. Freedom of choice

Every small business has different needs and different preferences on the tools necessary to run a successful business. With an Intel processor-based tablet, small businesses have options. Whether they have an Android operating system or Windows* 8, and use a combination of multiple applications, they can count on their tablets to support their business needs.

3. A true sense of security

In 2012, Verizon recorded 621 data breaches. Almost half of those breaches happened to companies with fewer than 1,000 employees and almost 200 breaches happened to organizations with less than 100 employees. As employees become more mobile, small business owners need to be able to count on their tools to keep their data secure so they don't become another breach statistic. Tablets with an Intel processor have significant security features all the way down to the hardware level. They can be trusted to give employees the freedom they need to get their work done, and employers the peace of mind that their information is secure.

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