Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Small Business Device


Small Business Selector BlogPurchasing new machines can be a considerable expense for most small businesses. As the workplace continues to change and evolve due to social

and mobile, savvy entrepreneurs understand the need to invest in devices that are best suited to the needs of everyone on staff. If you’re ready to take your company’s productivity to the next level, Intel has created a quick infographic with divergent arrows to help locate what device is best for you and your small business team.

The process is simple enough, requiring just a few questions to better understand your company’s workflow. For example: Do you work in one location? If not, a small, lightweight tablet that can quickly handle email and social media might be best.

Other points to consider are:

  • What would help you be more productive – the ability to connect several screens or one portable touch-screen? If needing a touch-screen, a 2 in 1 device with full functionality and the ability to transform from a handheld device to a keyboard-ready machine might be best.
  • Do you want a top-of-the-line device or something more affordable? Answering this question can help you decide between a super-thin Ultrabooks™ with powerful performance and long battery life and a more traditional notebook with top-notch performance, rugged design, and built-in security technologies.

Finding the right device for your small business isn’t a process that should be rushed, and should never be based on the latest gadget trends. Putting just a small number of parameters around the selection process can determine what features are “nice-to-haves” and which are essential.

Do you need help selecting the right tool for your small business? Check out the infographic titled, Choose the Right Device for Your Business Needs, featured in the resource section on the The Modern Tour website.

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