Small Businesses Move Fast–Don’t Get Left Behind


Intel 7.18.2014As recently as five years ago, small businesses of all shapes and sizes did the bulk of their digital work in front of

a stationary, traditional PC. Unable to move around, entrepreneurs would boot their machines, wait for them to load, sign-in, and use a mouse and keyboard to find, edit, and create documents, presentations, and other necessary assets for their business. These steps were common and not considered terribly burdensome at the time. Today, however, technology has advanced and business is moving faster than ever.

In order to keep up with the competition, small business owners and employees need to be agile in the office and out in the field. Though tablets and smartphones have greatly contributed to our ability to be productive anywhere at anytime, many of the core actions business owners need to complete can only be completed on traditional operating systems due to the limited software capabilities of some mobile devices. With the new advancements in Windows* 8.1 and Intel processors, however, entrepreneurs no longer have to settle for the slow devices of yesteryear or the limited functionality of many of today’s mobile devices.

Today, small business owners have several manufacturers and devices to choose from that can handle the software tasks necessary to keep a business running while providing the features and ease of mobile devices. Companies like HP, Lenovo, and Dell offer all-in-one devices with touch-screen features capable of supporting a variety of business needs in the office and on the go. Thanks to these advancements in technology, getting ahead has never been easier for entrepreneurs in almost any industry. Don’t get stuck in the past and continue to be bothered by the little, everyday frustrations outdated tools can cause.

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