Readz launches mobile marketing platform to simplify style and boost readership

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Online content creation may not be rocket science, but it can quickly become difficult and costly for SMBs lacking experience and time.

Readz introduced yesterday

Readz 2.0, an online content-creation platform that enables marketers to deploy interactive, well-designed sites and web documents for both browsers and mobile devices.

“Less than 25 percent of today’s B2B web traffic is driven from mobile devices, and an even smaller percentage of that generates revenue. This is primarily because most web content is static and requires time-consuming downloads that users don’t want to deal with,” CEO Bart De Pelsmaeker said. “Readz helps clients create interactive stories and experiences that draw customers and prospects into the content and engages them in ways that were not possible before.”

The platform is hosted entirely online and allows users to adjust settings and style through a simple web interface.

Pricing for the Readz 2.0 platform starts at $90 per month.