SMB Nation Webinar: Obstacles to Customer Relationship Management Adoption

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Modern customers look to small businesses for personalized, high-quality services that allow the customers to support the local community and businesspeople.smb nation webinar topper

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relationship-building set small and midsized businesses apart from enterprises, yet small businesses don’t typically adopt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Instead, surveys showed SMBs resort to other methods for tracking and managing contacts, sales opportunities and customer relationships not engineered to act as a dedicated CRM system.

SMB Nation and speaker David Franklin, attachedapps CEO and co-founder, will host a webinar from 10-11 a.m. PT Thursday, August 6 to discuss the relationship between SMBs and CRM and highlight how the strengths of CRM complement small businesses.

The presentation will delve into reasons for non-adoption and the best strategies for partners to suggest CRM solutions to clients to support clients’ ongoing success. CRM solutions and customer relationships are closely tied to industry-leading email platforms and marketing solutions.

This webinar welcomes perspectives from all CRM partners and is product agnostic. Register at