snom and GSMK to Develop Highly Secure Encrypted Telephones

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snom LogoGermany-based snom technology AG and GSMK Cryptophone are expanding their existing collaboration to develop highly secure encrypted telephones.

GSMK, a developer

of protected operating systems and encryption solutions, and snom, a developer of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones, are working on desktop IP telephones that will be secure, encrypted, tap-proof and immune against attacks.

“A more intense collaboration between our development teams allows us to offer IP telephones to our security-conscious users that are suitable for everyday use,” snom CEO Nadahl Shocair said. “Without exception, the hardware and software of the tap-proof devices are developed in Germany. Our customers attach a great deal of importance to quality 'Engineered in Germany'; this is true for all of our products, not just our crypto phones.”

These devices are aimed at industry sectors that require daily protection of confidential and sensitive protection.