Paessler AG Rolls out Free for Life Download of Network Monitoring Solution for SMBs

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paesslerPaessler AG recently announced that it will be releasing the 100 sensor license of PRTG Network Monitor for free to home users,

SMBs and startups. This will be a full version of the product.

What’s the reasoning? Well, Paessler, a Germany-based Network Monitoring solutions specialist, is noticing the rapid growth rate of IT infrastructure, and recognizing that smaller enterprises, SMBs and home users are struggling to keep up with the demands. In addition, many of the startups and smaller enterprises are finding that existing solutions are not only out of their budget, but their staff requirements as well, needing more complicated setup.

“When I was looking for a suitable solution for network monitoring for myself eighteen years ago, I could not find anything that was easy to operate and offered an extensive set of features,” said Dirk Paessler, Founder and CEO of Paessler, in a recent press release. “As a consequence, we started developing PRTG, always putting an emphasis on user-friendliness. Every user should be able to use PRTG in no time at all. Today, I am convinced that our software can be a tremendous help for every company, regardless of its size or sector. Of course it is a big step for us to offer a license for free, but I believe it is a gain for both sides.”

The free download of the PRTG Network Monitor 100 sensor license is available here, and is free for life. Solution features include the ability for users to monitor a wide range of sensor points, including network traffic, CPU load on a machine, a port of a switch, and more. This particular download enables users to monitor 100 of these points, which Paessler representatives explained is in the typical range for an SMB or startup deployment. Those who do the free download will also be able to test drive an unlimited version of the PRTG Network Monitor (unlimited sensor points) for 30-days.