Intel Survey Examines Security Strategies and Incidents

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Intel logoIntel Security commissioned the report “Tackling Attack Detection and Incident Response” from Enterprise Strategy Group, examining companies’ security strategies, cyber-attack environment, incident response

challenges and needs.

Almost 30 percent of security incidents are targeted attacks, and a slow or inadequate response results in loss of sensitive data.

“Just as the medical profession must deliver heart-attack patients to the hospital within a ‘golden hour’ to maximize likelihood of survival, the security industry must work towards reducing the time it takes organizations to detect and deflect attacks, before damage is inflicted,” said Chris Young, General Manager at Intel Security. “This requires that we ask and answer tough questions on what is failing us, and evolve our thinking around how we do security.”

The survey found respondents are calling for better integration between security tools, improved analytics, help to contextualize data captured, increased expertise and automation to enhance action.

The survey, available here, included 700 IT security professionals at mid-market and enterprise organizations.