Gemalto Releases DSCI Results, Discovers Misperception of Perimeter Security Effectiveness

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gemaltoDigital security provider Gemalto released today the findings of the 2015 Data Security Confidence Index, which revealed a deepening gap between the perception and reality

of perimeter security effectiveness as the number of global data breaches increases.

“With the number of sophisticated breaches on the rise, relying on perimeter security systems alone is no longer enough. Traditional security staples such as firewalls and anti-virus should be part of a much greater security strategy. IT decision makers need to take into account that if someone is motivated enough they will breach a network, no matter how well it is protected,” said Tsion Gonen, vice president of strategy for identity and data protection at Gemalto.

Though 72 percent of IT decision makers surveyed indicated increased investment in perimeter security in the past five years, 30 percent said their company had experienced a breach in the past 12 months; these results suggest the need for changing security strategies.

More than 900 security and IT executives were polled by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Gemalto to develop the report, which is available in full here.