Mobile Broadband Modem Market at Tipping Point, ABI Research Finds

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Despite $4.1 billion in 2014 revenues, market intelligence firm ABI Research predicts the market for broadband modems used in non-smartphone mobile computers, tablets and CE

devices could fall as fewer people purchase aftermarket USB modems or update notebook PCs. ABI Research Logo

Hauwei continues to dominate the modem market, according to ABI Research, with a 62 percent share of 2014 worldwide modem unit volume.

“The vendor landscape changed significantly in 2014 with several suppliers exiting the computing modem business, changing strategic focus to exclusively M2M / IoT, or being acquired,” said Sr. Practice Director Jeff Orr. “OEMs are seeing greater demand for mobile broadband in tablets as well as ultraportable PCs. The plan could be foiled, however, if pricey mobile broadband service contracts deter potential buyers.”

These findings are part of ABI Research’s “Mobile Broadband Routers and Modems Market Research,” available here.