SkyKick Launches New “Hands Free” Migration Feature for SMB Suite

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skykickSkyKick today announced the launch of a new “Hands Free” migration feature for its SMB and Enterprise Migration Suite software. This particular feature

is designed to remove end user involvement for any Office 365 migrations, enabling partners and customers to quickly and easily migrate an organization without needing any email password information from the end user, and without requiring the end user to install software.

“Over the last two years since the launch of our Migration Suites, our partners have given us a 96 percent satisfaction rating for the time savings and efficiency that our solutions provide,” said SkyKick Director of Product Management Bernard Clark. “But as a partner-only company, we are always pushing ourselves to do more to help them. So over the last couple years we have been on a quest to solve one of the biggest challenges in cutover and staged migrations—removing all effort and touch points for the end-user. Today I’m proud to announce that we’ve achieved the ‘holy grail’ of migrations with our new Hands-Free feature.”

SkyKick representatives also said that the new Hands-Free feature is poised to be an alternative to the hybrid migration model, through which partners would run migrations through Exchange 2010 or 2013 on-prem servers. So how do they do it? To bypass the end-user password requirement, SkyKick utilizes a “Source-Side Impersonation” technology that will access all necessary mailboxes and Public Folders for Migration. In addition, the SkyKick Partner/IT Pro will not have to do a manual Outlook setup. Instead, the person doing the migration can use the SkyKick Outlook Assistant remotely via an MSI deployment technology. This deployment will automatically patch the existing Outlook and test computer readiness before connecting the Outlook account to Office 365.

For more information about the SkyKick Hands Free program, or to learn about becoming a partner, please visit the site here.