YouMail Releases Spam Calling Survey Results and New Calling Feature

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YouMailCalifornia-based YouMail today released the results of a public survey concerning spam calls in the US. The main takeaway was that, despite being

listed on the Do Not Call Registry, 74% of respondents still received spam calls every month. The tradeoff? Business owners are losing time and focus having to deal with spam calls.

In fact, 30% of those polled said that they receive at least one spam call per day, and 60% say that they lose valuable business time trying to deal with spam callers (asking for removal). The respondents’ only quick way for dealing with the call was to either hang up, or just delete the message.

YouMail’s response? The company team developed technology known as “Smart Blocking,” which will automatically identify a call as spam and trick the system into thinking it has reached a disconnected number. To get this feature, the end user downloads the Smart Blocking App from YouMail and replaces their standard carrier voicemail with the app message. When the end user is not sure who is calling, they can ignore the call, or add the particular number to a list which will receive the disconnected message.

“Small businesses are afraid to ignore phone calls for fear of losing business. So spam calls can be a real time waster,” said Alex Quilici, CEO, YouMail. “We’ve seen our users try to block these calls one-by-one. By setting it up so the first time a “bad guy” calls they get what appears to be a disconnected number, we are going beyond blocking just the one call. Many times the spammers will remember that this number is truly out of service, and they won’t bother calling it from other numbers.”

The YouMail Smart Blocking app is available on either Android or iPhone devices. Learn more at the YouMail blog here.