Paladin Data Systems’ ASMi Software is Platform for SSP Software Tool

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Washington-based Paladin Data Systems announced today its Advanced Skills Management Industrial qualification and certification management product is now the platform for Strategic Systems Programs’ Watch

Bill, Qualification and Certification Management Software tool for sailors and marines assigned to SSP Security Forces.Paladin Data Systems Logo

ASMi, a personnel readiness tool, is an authorized software application within the U.S. Department of the Navy Application and Database Management System and is designed to manage, maintain and forecast workforce knowledge, skills and abilities.

“SSP does such important work for our nation, and we were glad that they chose to deploy our technology to support their security forces mission,” Paladin CEO Jim Nall said. “The SSP organization was great to work with, and the SSP and Paladin ASMi team successfully completed the software deployment on-time and on-budget. It was a tremendous effort by the entire team.”

Paladin’s products are used nationwide by myriad government agencies.