Microsoft Commercial Cloud Services to Expand in Canada

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Microsoft Canada announced today further expansion across North America with plans to deliver Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from Toronto and Quebec City

in 2016. Microsoft

Delivering these services from data centers on Canada increases possibilities for companies that have strict data storage compliance codes and addresses data residency considerations for customers and partners of all sizes now using cloud computing.

"Soon, the Microsoft Cloud will be truly Canadian," said Kevin Turner, Worldwide Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft, who traveled to Toronto to make the announcement. "This substantial investment in a Canadian cloud demonstrates how committed we are to bringing even more opportunity to Canadian businesses and government organizations, helping them fully realize the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud. According to IDC, total public cloud spend in Canada is projected to grow to $2.5 billion by next year. The fastest growth will be from public cloud infrastructure with a strong 45 percent increase by 2016.”

Azure is anticipated to be generally available in early 2016, while O365 and Dynamics CRM Online are expected later in 2016.