By Brian Ferguson, Digium

Companies all over the United States are digging their offices out of the snow and employees are braving subfreezing, and often subzero,

snowflake caltechThis was a softball (errr…snowball) if there ever was one. Long-time SMB Nation friend Ken Thoreson posted up a joke early today from

BeatriceWe recently received news that former SMB Nation employee, Beatrice Mulzer, was married this past weekend. Beatrice served as SMB Nation’s VP, Operations

Look behindAhhh…it’s that time again, time for the old year-in-review article plus predictions for the year ahead. I’m shooting from the hip on this

OMG 76 1 smallSpiceworks, well-respected a community of IT Pros, has released a very interesting study on the Windows XP migration matter. As readers know, the

codeSMB Nation’s own Harrybbb encouraged our community to participate in this year’s Computer Science Education Week, which ran Dec 9-13. We received a

The latest reports reveal that the FBI can, and has been, activating cameras on civilian computers, apparently for several years now. This has been confirmed by