Exclusive: Jeffrey Goldstein - Managing Director at Queue Associates Speaks about Success!

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We caught up with a busy Jeffrey Goldstein - Managing Director at Queue Associates recently at the Ingram Micro Global Cloud and Innovation Summit in Las Vegas. Goldstein's technology practice (focused on Microsoft Dynamics) recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Catch the conversation about his global footprint that includes Europe and Asia! Learn more about this rock star and his company HERE

You can watch the interview HERE!

Jeffrey Goldstein


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Harry Brelsford  00:00

Hey nation nation, Harry here at the Ingram, what I used to call cloud summit with Jeffrey Goldstein and out of Queue Associates out in New York. So first of all, Jeffrey, well, we've known each other forever. But they changed the name of the event. It's not the Ingram cloud Summit, right? It they added more words go global. And

Jeffrey Goldstein  00:20

yeah, so this is their new global conference. And that's to reflect how most companies are doing business and doing business globally and abroad.

Harry Brelsford  00:29

Yeah. And, you know, I noticed that this more global this time than past years, because of the accents, maybe I missed it last time, but it looks like they're brought in a lot from LATAM, and so on.

Jeffrey Goldstein  00:39

Yeah, that's, that's the case here, Harry. So I've met people from Dubai, from India. from Singapore, we had meetings with people from Singapore, EMEA all over the world. And that's one of the reasons why we work with Ingram micro is because they have a global footprint. And so do we. And it makes it easy for us to work to work together and do business together.

Harry Brelsford  01:00

Cool. Well, back to you. So cute associates, you just recently crossed over 3031 years in business, a couple 100 employees. Tell me about your business and your niche. Sure. So

Jeffrey Goldstein  01:11

last year, we celebrated our 30th year anniversary, we're now in our 31st year, which is a, you know, huge milestone. Oh, yeah. Especially, especially in this, you know, industry. So we survived a lot of events here. And, you know, we continue to grow, and I'm working harder than, you know, ever. So, you know, at my age, I should be slowing down. But I'm speeding up and just trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that are, you know, out there. So I'm sure you'll get into, you know, the economy and how that's, you know, yeah, I think us but, you know, it's actually impacting us in a positive way. So, in terms of COVID, COVID, had a very positive impact on our, you know, organization. And now the fact that we're, people are saying that we're headed towards a, you know, recession that is necess, necessitating people to, you know, automate and become more efficient. Yeah.

Harry Brelsford  02:04

Then what's your secret sauce? You're basically a dynamic shop, right?

Jeffrey Goldstein  02:08

Correct. So we started out as a ERP and CRM, vendor, we focused 100% on the Microsoft products and solutions, specifically ERP and you know, CRM. And as a result of all of the integrations and movements to the cloud, we've had to gain additional expertise, and not only the power platform, Azure, and also modern workplace. Well, by analogy, you're you're not unlike my old hometown of Seattle with Alaska Airlines headquartered there, they are in the process of getting rid of the Airbus fleet that they got with the Virgin America merger and going all Boeing, and the reason is called all Boeing. Right? They can serve it any any thoughts on all Microsoft? Yeah, so we get solicited almost every day from other vendors to sell and represent their, you know, products, but we stay continually focused on, you know, Microsoft, we want to do one thing, well do it right and be the experts in that we don't want to dilute dilute our, you know, talent or our competencies here. So we pick one thing, we do it right, we do a 100%. Yeah, no, I

Harry Brelsford  03:14

like that. You're not trying to be everything to everybody. In fact, I was talking with you at lunch. Because you're a past executive, while you're probably still an executive with the IMC p, but past president of the iamcp Americas. And I you know, I did a tour duty with them a couple years ago, and they were developing a partner, a partner tool, and it was very interesting. But you've been out doing that you've been doing partner to partner?

Jeffrey Goldstein  03:40

Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, I'm still the president emeritus for the Americas. So I am on the Americas board of director and I'm active in the iamcp. And I would like to say that a lot of our business comes as a result of partnerships and relationships through the iamcp. Yeah, well, what's

Harry Brelsford  03:59

next, you're all over LinkedIn with your clock will travel Ceman. God bless you. I've been there. I'll let young people like you do that. But what's next for global travel? Any interesting announcements, any acquisitions, anything you'd like to share? Yeah, we're

Jeffrey Goldstein  04:16

growing and we're growing aggressively. And the way the CSP model works with the different territories, you know, we've been forced to grow internationally. So in the old days, when, you know, we sold dynamics, GP and Dynamics has sell, we're able to sell everything to everybody, wherever they were, you know, located nowadays, everything is by territory in their separate CSP, you know, regions. And because a lot of our businesses International, you know, we're forced to open up offices, you know, around the world. So just last year, we opened up an office in Toronto in Singapore. This year, we just opened up into office in India. We're also opening up Bermuda which opens up, you know, lateral muta, and then we'll be moving on from there. All right,

Harry Brelsford  04:55

I'm going to check your job openings for Bermuda. That sounded pretty good for me. Oh, And finally, what events might someone see you at? For the remainder of the year, anything stands out for you?

Jeffrey Goldstein  05:07

Yeah, so I'll be at the, you know, the Microsoft user group conference, which is called, you know, Summit. So that is coming up, and I'll be at a variety of other, you know, different, you know, conferences, because me and you have been in the industry for, you know, so long, we have so many, you know, connections, you know, COVID didn't impact our ability to be able to network, but anybody new coming into the industry over the last couple of years, you know, with the lack of in person conferences, I think that impacted people's ability to be able to, you know, network. So now we're starting to see capacity at a lot of the events like the Ingram micro conference that we're here today. You know, we're seeing record attendance because people are looking really to get out network and develop business.

Harry Brelsford  05:49

Well, and the final topic, I'll kind of dovetail on that, you know, at lunch, you and I talked about a rolling recession impacting certain sectors and not others. I was at RSA a few weeks ago, you know, clearly cybersecurity is a winner. I mean, if 45,000 attendees, and I believe it, this had a great attendee show out. But any thoughts on the rolling recession because some businesses are being head and maybe you're seeing that more in your clients space? Clearly, you're doing fine with your

Jeffrey Goldstein  06:18

business model. Yeah, so our industry is doing very well. But some of our clients industries are not doing well, which is, you know, forcing them to cut back. So that's why there's a need to be diversified and work in multiple, you know, industries. But when you and I have been in business so long, we see that this is, you know, cyclical and every 10 years, we go through a recession, when we go through a recession, then you tap your client base and your tablet, your referral resources, you know, for leads and opportunity. So, people within the industry have been talking recently, they've seen a noticeable tail off in leads and opportunities, you know, coming in either through the distributors or even through Microsoft, you know, directly so when that happens, you need to go to your referral sources and back to your existing clients for work. All right.

Harry Brelsford  07:01

Well, we'll check in with you next conference. Continued success Jeffrey