Microsoft Azure in application of IoT

Analytics/ Analysis

Defining Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a cloud service launched in October 2008. In direct competition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure comes out a more progressive and diverse cloud computing platform. Deploying different tools and frameworks, Azure provides cloud service to global clients. It focuses in three areas of cloud computing, remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance.

Azure IoT Suite

Remote Monitoring through Azure
Millions of devices collaborate with millions of systems at one time through Microsoft Azure. This exceptional collaboration describes the resourceful Azure remote monitoring system, where every program is synchronized in a distinctive way. The system regularly checks status of devices and monitoring happens every single minute. A backend Analytics team of Microsoft is always there to support fast data exchange between devices and the Cloud. The idea of how Enterprise resources should be well-connected is actualized in Azure remote monitoring system.

Asset Management & Predictive Maintenance through Azure
Azure works on enhanced security protocols. By using unique identities and credentials, devices are brought to full protection in Azure Cloud messaging system. Confidentiality is maximized in such highly-vigilant communication system.
Microsoft Azure details the process of digital asset management.  It automates media management workflows, optimizing time taken in organizing or sharing corporate media files. Azure provides self-service portals for exchange or transfer of media files. It gives direct access of assets through Microsoft Word or Powerpoint extension. Azure aligns with other external Hypermedia such as Application Program Interface (API) to manage assets’ records in a more user-friendly way. It gives strong backup and recovery during Big-Data storage.
Azure Machine Learning is an artificially intelligent logical workspace to predict flaws of a Cloud system. Using work histograms such workspace predicts remaining life of a device, equipment, machine or anything huge such as an overall system itself. Predictability is inevitable with Microsoft Azure workspace, allowing strategists to bring more improved and productive solutions for business.