Start-up Nuggets June 5th

Analytics/ Analysis

So two start-up nuggets for those amongst us looking to breakout. The first is a shout out to a PBS series and the second is a must-read from CNN.

PBS Start Up Docuseries
Worth a look. This is a traveling

show featuring start-ups across the land. From Maine to Washington State, the two leads highlight the secret sauce used by successful start-up entrepreneurs. My take is this. Ivest an hour a week to learn more. Start here.

In this episode, The crew of “Start Up” is in town this week, interviewing Susie Lee, CEO of the dating app Siren; Eduoardo Jordan, of the acclaimed restaurant Salare; and Nikki Closser, a social-worker-turned-photographer.

CNN Fareed Zakaria is Sad: Millennial Entrepreneurs
Click into this peek at an interesting report that shows a dramatic decline in new business formation over the past two decades. For example – people aged 25-to-30 used to have start-up rates of 35%. Today that is down to 14%. Disturbing. Watch!