ManageEngine Adds Auditing Capabilities to Exchange Reporter Plus

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Manage EngineManageEngine said today that it has added change auditing and mailbox access monitoring to Exchange Reporter Plus, its Exchange

server reporting software. Now, Exchange Reporter Plus can report and alert on critical Exchange events that carry security or compliance implications. In turn, organizations can use Exchange Reporter Plus to implement or enhance an email security and compliance program that easily demonstrates regulatory compliance and prevents data leaks.

Exchange auditing is critical to companies that run the Microsoft email solution and are subject to HIPAA, SOX or other regulatory laws. Companies that cannot demonstrate HIPAA compliance, for instance, may be fined up to $1.5 million. Moreover, the HIPAA Omnibus Rule will soon expand the number of regulated companies to include many previously exempt organizations that are indirectly related to the healthcare sector, such as web design and business process outsourcing firms. Despite the clear need, Exchange auditing remains a difficult task for most organizations as user actions and user permissions are logged in separate Microsoft systems.

Exchange Reporter Plus now includes an enhanced alerting system that can be configured to track and alert about critical events, such as a CIO’s mailbox permission being changed. Alerts can also be configured to look for certain suspicious event patterns such as a high rate of non-owner mailbox accesses or mailbox permission changes made in quick succession. To prevent email outages, Exchange Reporter Plus also cautions administrators about mailbox stores that are about to dismount. These real-time alerts are displayed on the Exchange Reporter Plus dashboard and can be delivered to administrators’ inboxes as well.

Exchange Reporter Plus offers four categories of auditing reports: Mailbox Logon, Mailbox Permission Changes, Mailbox Property Changes, and Exchange Store Changes.

Mailbox Logon Reports shed light on the mailbox logins, regardless of their origin — whether from a computer terminal within the organization or from a mobile device.

Mailbox Permission Change Reports offer an audit trail for mailbox permissions changed, a crucial piece of information that could help in compliance or e-discovery.

Mailbox Properties Change Reports highlight the modifications made to two key mailbox properties, quota and size restrictions, as well as the users who made the changes.

Exchange Store Change Reports indicate the Exchange stores that mounted or dismounted.

Each report category supports customized report generation, so administrators can track specific events or changes rather than confine themselves to the product-supplied reports. For example, an administrator who wants to track authorized users accessing a CEO’s mailbox can create a “non-owner mailbox logon” report specifically configured to report about the CEO’s mailbox and the people who accessed it.

Exchange Reporter Plus is available immediately and can be downloaded at The pricing starts at $295. A fully functional, 30-day evaluation edition of Exchange Reporter Plus is also available.