On the Road: Bend, OR

Geek Speak

A long-time SMB Nation member Brian Keith from Bend Oregon updates the community on his current world from carrying the bag as an MSP to evolving to a consultant for Philips with a focus on health care technology. Throw in off color comments on how we me when I taught at Central Washington University and Brian was my student (shades of early Windows NT Advanced Server running on a 386 box).


Figure 1: Brian Keith (right) from Bend, Oregon

Watch the interview HERE.

At Philips, Keith is extensively on the road implementing a Tele ICU solution for remote health care workflows. But that’s not all – Keith has become certified in AWS to stay relevant and highly valuable. Keith also has a side-gig with a small IT consulting firm in Bend, Oregon that specializes in an AWS framework.

Learn more about Keith here at LinkedIn.