Karl's Tech Tip - Geekiest EVER!

Geek Speak

Long-time friend Karl Palachuk has released a super secret tip to improve performace. Read on: 

"This might be too technical for some, but for the geeks in the crowd, here's an easy way to disable the Chrome Software Reporter Tool.

From time to time, your CPU usage may go off the charts and a quick glance shows that it's the Software Reporter Tool using 25% or more CPU.

1) In Task Manager, sort by CPU and you'll see Software Reporter Tool at the top

2) Right-click on the name and choose "Open File Location" to see the EXE file

3) Start Notepad - Run as administrator

4) Open that exe in Notepad

5) Select all and replace with a space or X or a note to your future self

6) Save the file

When you do this, the exe won't get

re-created because it does exist. But it also won't run because there's no code there.

I can't promise a Chrome upgrade won't re-create this file in the future. 


Note: If you screw up your machine, don't blame me. Have a nice day."