Internet of Things and how it is being used in cars

Geek Speak

Internet of things is connected in every aspect of our life, we use it for home security, work place, daily appliances and in cars. Internet of Things isalways creating and developing and had begun to be manufactured for automotive industry with Internet of Things. This includes connecting your car with internet and make it software-driven with artificial intelligence.

IoT will alter your car to set with your smartphone, alert you with traffic reports, moreover it streams your favorite playlist and can even help you in emergency with road-side assistance with just one click. If we go along Gartner research report all this transformation is happening very rapidly, as the reportinternetofcars anticipates that over 250 Million vehicle’s will be connected all over the world by the end of year 2020.“The connected car is already a reality, and in-vehicle wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding from luxury models and premium brands, to high-volume mid-market models,” said James Hines, research director at Gartner.

The report says that the changing landscape of connectivity would bring a new set of specifications for the car of the future.

“The increased consumption and creation of digital content within the vehicle will drive the need for more sophisticated infotainment systems,” Mr. Hines said, highlighting that this could create opportunities for app developers, graphics designers and interactive display technologies.

“In the meantime, new concepts of mobility and vehicle usage will make way to new business models and expansion of alternatives to car ownership, especially in urban environments.”

While the majority of connected cars, in its early stages, will be a car-to-mobile connection, Gartner expects this network to expand further to vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connections.

Legislative initiatives will also help it to expand further. In the EU, for example, all cars will have an eCall-equipped chip by 2018 that will automatically contact the nearest emergency center in case of any accident.

Automotive Industry: IoT and Innovation

Imagine your car having features like Wi-Fi, hotspot, in car gaming, Gesture controlled system, Speech to text, apps on dashboard and all the above these, much more increased security. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Well with IoT its reality now.

Smart Cities: The IoT has the potency to change whole cities by solving problems faced by the citizens each day. With the proper connections and data, the Internet of Things can solve traffic related issues and reduce the amount of noise, crime, and pollution.

Connected Car: These vehicles are featured with Internet access and can share that access with others, same like connecting to a wireless network in a home or work place. More vehicles are starting to come equipped with this practicality, so be prepared to see more apps included in future cars.

Safety Features
Radar Warning System – As name indicates, it’s a radar based collision system which is capable of detecting any approaching object and alerts the driver before to avoid accidents. This Radar Warning system pre-charges in car brakes for better stopping time. Cadillac ATS 2014 has installed this feature to improve security of its users.

Junction View Camera – Many of us often come across blind spots and face a great difficulty to tackle them but Range Rover has come up with a solution to out this problem. Range Rover Sport 2014 offers feature of junction view camera that enables you to have live look of blind sports with help of cameras fixed in the car.

Laser Headlights – IoT even transformed those simple headlights and made them also use for security purpose. Audi R8 2012 has come up with the idea of laser headlights that are optimized to detect oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, whenever laser headlights spots any near approaching vehicle it triggers a low beam, while on spotting any pedestrian, the car flashes warning light.

Apart from the above mentioned features, other important features are as follows:

Easy Buying & Selling - Certain IoT companies like AutoTrader, Cars24 etc. help in selling used cars at desired price. These IoT companies uses IoT powered chips to examine car's health and then help sellers in suggesting good price for their automobiles.

Multimedia – IoT has also taken care of people who love traveling via cars, they came up with entertainment purpose features like car gaming and app controller for back-seats . You can even make calls and online search via Bluetooth installed in car.

Intelligent Driving – IoT adds intelligence to anything it touches, even cars are made smarter and are designed for intelligent driving. There are several sensors that supervise each and every thing in your car i.e. from seatbelt pretension to fire detection, there are sensors for every small thing like even for air pressure, collision detection, vehicle distance from other vehicle/object, acceleration etc.

After looking such IoT led transformation in automotive industry, we are made sure that driving is made safe, fun and comfortable. Even the expectation for future cars are set high with present performance and innovation of IoT in automotive industry.