Android vs iOS

Geek Speak

If you are in the market to buy a new phone, then you might be having a hard time deciding on Android or iOS.

If you used only one platform in the whole experience of your smart phone life and never got the chance to use the other, then it’s obvious that you don’t know much about the other.

Don’t worry we have spent great time with both and will show the key differences and similarities between iOS and AndroidiOS vs Android to help you choose the best.

Apple or iOS are one the most expensive smart phones on the market, costing about $600 including the two-year contract. Whereas. Android comes in variety of handsets with high as well as low prices depending upon the functions and features of the smart phone. So, on the basis of affordability, nothing competes with Android.

Traditionally, developers tend to appear new apps on more remunerative platforms. So, there is a proclivity of new apps to appear first on iOS than Android. However, when it comes to the comparison of total number of apps on average in both, then it is nearly the same.

Battery Life and Management:
It has been seen that most of the iOS smart phones have a smaller battery then most of the Androids. However, you can customize that somehow by using the battery saver feature, which is present in both.

On the basis of customizability, Android wins here. It is because, you can customize your Android in different ways like installing launchers, set up own lock screen and shortcuts etc. While in iOS, these things are not available to be customize by the consumer.

iOS has more prolonged and vast security than Androids. So, iOS wins the battle here for those people who want more privacy and security.

Android phones tend to low quality cameras based on mega pixels. While iOS or Apple phones gains the maximum attention for the high-quality camera with 12 mega pixels.