MSP Small Business Saturday (SBS) Strategies!

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One holiday I always get excited for is Small Business Saturday. Admittedly I have to overlook it was started by a credit card company (American Express) in its own self-interest but I think they’ve been as kind as possible with the branding. It follows Black Friday (the shopping holiday) and is being held on November 26th this year – its seventh year. While you can read the history, I want to point to the future but click here for the past.

MSPs can and should capitalize on this day. Its designed for small businesses on Main Street to enjoy shopper’s attention and I realize many MSPs are not traditional merchants so the shoe doesn’t fit. However, it’s likely you have a small business client that can directly benefit from this day. I have six ideas for MSPs to consider doing and enacting on Small Business Saturday.

1. Rally your neighborhood as a “neighborhood champion” cake walking up and down Main Street with education materials with the Shop Local message on November 26th.

2. Volunteer on Main Street with your small business client on November 26th. A few days before, download the welcome kit (see below) and create the marketing bill of materials (BOM) for your adopted small business customer. Set up the signage and work the hand out table that Saturday! In past years, I’ve teamed with Dona and Charles Keating to host a popcorn stand at Bainbridge Technology, a reseller on Main Street. See the pic. [Photo credit to Charles and Dona Keating and Pattie O’Loughlin].

3. Host an “open house” at your office on Small Business Saturday for your own customers. Perhaps coffee in the morning before they go out to shop and BBQ and beer in the afternoon when shopping is completed.

4. Hold a pre-event to educate your small business customers on capitalizing on Small Business Saturday at its location. Do this now (say this Thursday afternoon) before the crazy busy Thanksgiving week descends upon us.

5. Shop yourself. Best thing you can do is spend a few dollars locally with a small business on November 26th. No friction. Easy.

6. Nightlife. A lot of people forget that Small Business Saturday extends well into the evening. So don’t miss the opportunity to go to the pub for a pint. I’ll see you there. I like Guinness Stout if you’re buying!


Small Business Saturday!


The net-net is learn more here and download the Small Business Saturday Kits.  

Here are a couple of unique insights into Small Business Saturday.

One tech start-up reached out to me, raised its hand, and said “Yes! We supporting Small Business Saturday!”’s e-commerce platform supports more than 2,000 artists from every state across the country. The brand prides itself on its ability to help individuals build a business from their creative passions - and gain visibility beyond the local brick and mortar gallery. Artfinder’s mission is to breakdown the boundaries of the art establishment by giving a voice to emerging artists and selling a wide choice of affordable quality art that everyone can enjoy. We support local artists and galleries by giving them an international sales platform, offering access to our community and pop-up galleries and events. Artfinder was founded in London in 2013. Investors include Wellington Partners and private investors in the UK and Switzerland. Artfinder’s Swedish CEO, Jonas Almgren was a founding partner of New York based art companies, VIP Art Fair and Oneartworld, and comes from a background in Silicon Valley technology.

SBS Survey. There is are interesting analytics surrounding some work conducted by Infusionsoft and Pollfish here.

Past conversations. You can look at my 2013 SBS report here and here. Also here.