Helped Needed - Small Business Server (SBS) Licensing

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Hey Harry,
We are an old but always evolving  IT provider...who has been involved with SBS since the NT 3.5 beta I’m pretty sure I know the product..
We need you to drop some (not even that old) knowledge on our friends in Redmond ! J I’m betting I’m not the only old reseller getting hit with this silly scenario.

Many of our small business clients are finally (after being under the radar for 30 years) being subjected to a friendly, Microsoft License Verification Process.
This doesn’t really scare us too much...because we’ve always required compliance from our clients...

however, the Microsoft folks working with us on this process seem entirely baffled by the SBS 2011 licensing model!?   They are saying our client has a short fall....they say the SBS 2011 Std product came with 5 Device CALS, so we are short User CALS..

Here’s one example: (we never use device CALS by the way)
Client has 12 people, we have them buy SBS2011 Std (with 5) , and 7 more user CALS = 12 ...right?

Product Description Product Number Version and Copies
WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP NL  UsrCAL 6UA-03863 (7-copies)
WinSBSvrStd 2011 SNGL OLP NL 5Clt T72-02925 (1 copy)

Nope, Microsoft license verification guy says that’s 5 device CALS and 7 they are short 5.
MS Open sales, blank look. MS Open Lic department’s answer? “MS SBS 2011 was only available in retail, and therefore improperly skewed by techdata/cdw on this agreement” Wha?
Is the corporate memory loss?

Can you help a crusty old IT guy?

Jim Denison
Seattle Micro Inc.

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