Office 365 Security Blues – Roadshow Content Added

Geek Speak

When having conversations with long-time SMB Nation peeps, those steeped in Small Business Server (SBS), the mere mention of Office 365 brings a response focused on security concerns.

We got the message and received the memo. So based on popular (and I’d add populist) demand, we’ve added a security lecture to our popular Office 365 and Windows 10 roadshow.

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So building a wall to keep the bad guys out isn’t completely realistic (although a firewall is LOL), our expert speaker Grant Thompson does touch on important Office 365 security topics (listed below) that you might not have considered. In fact, I’ll go so far as to assert we are offering content that includes something for everyone and more importantly, something YOU DO NOT KNOW! In fact, if you honestly knew everything in this lecture, we’ll refund your workshop fee. That would be very easy as the workshop is complimentary LOL!

Office 365 security topics:

  •   Encrypted Data at Rest and in Transit 
  •  Automated operations and Just-In-Time Access
  • Everything is designed to Fail 
  •  Customer LockBox 
  •  Data Loss Prevention 
  •  Information protection using RMS 
  •  RMS OneDrive for Business Sync 
  •  Sync block for non-domain PCS 
  •  Enteprise Mobility and Security Suite: Discussion and Demo! 
  •  Four Layer End-to-End Security 
  •  Compliance – CJIS standards
  •  Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics 
  •  Hybrid Identity
  •  Common Identity and Access Problem 
  •  Manage your external identities 
  •  Windows Azure Active Directory Premium 
  •  Device and Application Protection via Intune

We take our responsibility as a independent ombudsman seriously representing you. Therefore, we hope we’ve earned your trust and more importantly your desire to attend one of our workshops traveling the US this spring.

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