The Tables are Turned: Kaseya now Acquires Biz Service Management Company Zyrion

Geek Speak

Just a few weeks ago, Kaseya announced that it had been acquired by Insight Venture partners, a NYC-based venture capitalist firm. In addition,

the company said that CEO Gerald Blackie and his co-founders would step down to make way for a new CEO—Yogesh Gupta.

Now, today, the tables have been turned with the RMM acquiring Zyrion, a provider of cloud and IT service monitoring software solutions. Like the Kaseya/Insight Venture Partners acquisition, the terms of this deal were also not disclosed.

Zyrion is known for providing the management and monitoring of IT services using ITIL-based Business Service Management (BSM) technology for distributed and complex data center environments. The combination of this technology with the Kaseya family of IT service management solutions, provides customers -- for the first time -- with a complete view of all business services and gives them the ability to manage both private and public clouds. With the acquisition, Kaseya has significantly strengthened its BSM platform, providing easy, sophisticated remediation to quickly pinpoint, address and resolve any network problem.

This is the first major deal for Gupta, as CEO of Kaseya, having just taken the reins last month. He is confident that the acquisition will be one that will further the current demand for the ability to proactively and easily monitor today’s new and growing IT environments. "Monitoring and managing the entire IT infrastructure from a business service view is extremely powerful in these hybrid environments,” he said. “We believe Zyrion has built a market-leading product to meet this demand. The combination of these best of breed technologies will dramatically increase the value proposition for customers and will further drive Kaseya's growth and success.”