MSP Exigent Technologies Offers Turnkey Cloud Services for NY/NJ SMBs

Geek Speak

Exigent Technologies today launched its new service TurnKey Cloud, which makes it easy and affordable for New Yorkers and New Jerseyans (who are

SMBs) to quickly and confidently adopt cloud computing solutions.

Available immediately, Exigent’s TurnKey Cloud services are purpose-built for SMBs and include customizable, cloud-based infrastructure solutions and data center services that ensure business availability and enable smaller companies to consume information technology as a service (IaaS), rather than a continuous expenditure.

In addition to saving time and reducing costs, a recent Microsoft study found that SMBs in the U.S. who are using a cloud service are also realizing significant privacy, security and reliability advantages over companies that do not use cloud services. The study notes that 94% of the SMBs polled who are using one or more cloud services have gained security benefits they did not get from former on-premises technology.

“We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to the business and technology benefits cloud computing will ultimately deliver to SMBs,” says Daniel J. Haurey, president, Exigent Technologies. “Our new TurnKey Cloud service offering makes it easy for SMBs to take advantage of the efficiencies, savings and performance gains cloud services offer. We know how to put the private cloud to work for SMBs and our early adopter customers are thrilled with the new service.”