A Proactive Approach in BDR Marketing


Pronto 5.3.14While the title of this article may sound redundant, “isn’t being proactive the whole point of BDR?” being sensitive to your approach to

marketing BDR services is important. People don’t want to think about disasters – until they happen. By taking a proactive approach to your BDR marketing, you can position yourself as a champion of business.

Business preparedness

The summer months heighten awareness of natural disasters – from fires to hurricanes – for a large part of the country’s population. That awareness provides a good opportunity to educate your clients and prospects about how they can be proactive to protect their businesses. It’s very important that all of your messaging be focused on the business value of preparation. There is a risk of being perceived as a profiteer instead of an advocate if your message is not genuine.

Resist the urge to use scare tactics to sell BDR. The message of business continuity allows you to take a positive approach to the subject. Help your customers imagine the value of keeping the business moving forward in the face of emergency.

Build your status as an expert

The goal of your marketing should be to establish your organization as an expert on business continuity. Take the sincere approach that you can help the business community prepare for whatever life throws at them. Through educational marketing campaigns, you position your organization as a trusted partner rather than just an IT vendor.

BDR content ideas

Tap into the BDR marketing resources that your vendors have developed for channel partners to provide the foundation for your campaigns. There is no shortage of content, from white papers to email campaigns, that will save you effort and time. Adapt that content to address the specific risks that your community faces.

Focus on education, keeping your sales message in the background through content like:

  • A page on your website that is more educational than “salesy.” Include checklists and tips on preparedness and downloadable documents from your vendors or that you create.
  • Regular BDR articles in your newsletter or blog to keep your message top of mind.
  • A Disaster Preparedness Guide that you post on your website. Promote it through your newsletter, on Facebook and other social networks.

BDR campaign ideas

Spread the word about the content that you’ve built and reach out to prospects through:

  • In-person events like a seminar or a speaking engagement at the Chamber of Commerce. Engage a customer to share a first-hand experience or tell your own story of helping a business overcome a disaster.
  • A business continuity email campaign focused on educating prospects about the steps they can take to keep their business functioning should the worst happen.
  • A press release to your local publications with a checklist or tips for business preparedness. This can be especially effective during hurricane season when the news is looking for related content.

BDR presents a huge opportunity for MSPs in the SMB market, opening the door for additional services once you have earned the trust of the customer. By demonstrating your expertise in business continuity, you are building the foundation as a trusted partner for your customers. While business owners don’t want to think about disasters, when you take a proactive approach you can change the focus of the conversation to triumph in the face of adversity.