5 Reasons to Buy a New Computer for Your Small Business Now


MPT 5.30.2014New computers can be a big expense for small businesses, but old computers can cost your company in a number of ways too:

necessary repairs, downtime for employees, and potential security risks to name just a few. Perhaps you’ve been putting off updating your staff’s computers, but there are five important reasons to stop delaying and upgrade soon.
  1. Better Productivity - New devices powered by the 4th generation Intel Core processors can provide longer battery life, shorter startup times, faster connection to the office network, and the ability to multi-task with several applications at once.
  2. Increased Security – Microsoft* will no longer support Windows* XP after April 8, 2014. To ensure your business is secure, a new device equipped with an Intel Core processor can defend against malware, encrypted data, and remote-lock a stolen or lost device at the hardware level. On the software level, Windows* 8 Pro can increase security for employees who often access networks outside the office.
  3. Reduce Repair Costs - According to a study by Techaisle, new PCs have 33% fewer problems than four year old or older machines. On average, older machines can cost over $500 to upgrade and repair. And during those repair times, more than 40 hours of productive work can be lost a year.
  4. Stay Connected On The Go - Modern laptops, Ultrabooks™, 2 in 1 devices, and tablets give employees access to important emails, applications, and social media channels.
  5. Different Devices for Different Jobs - The costs between different devices can vary significantly, and as all small business owners know -- keeping costs down is one of the most important factors in staying competitive. As an owner, you may need the premium performance and increased of an Ultrabook™. Sales and marketing staff might benefitmore cost-effective Notebook, 2 in 1 devices or tablets, while office-based staff may want a space-saving All-In-One PC.

Though purchasing new computers can seem like an unnecessary expense, if your machines are past the four-year mark, updating the tools you need to get ahead is a smart, long-term decision. Your employees will thank you and you’ll likely soon start seeing the return on investment across multiple levels of your business.

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