Meetings Made Simple–The Tablet in Small Business


Intel 6.6.2014For a small business five years ago, meetings meant a lot of paperwork: documents to be shared with employees and clients, agendas, daily

planners, presentation materials, the list goes on. All that paper–and preparation–would be used once, disposed of promptly thereafter, and inevitably forgotten in the shuffle of paperwork meant for the next meeting. The lifecycle of the information sharing that happened within the meeting was defined by the retention of physical documents. Luckily, a lot has happened in technology over the past five years and a small business owner is no longer restricted to antiquated methods of collaboration.

Even if you’re not using paper and a pencil to present documents and projects to business partners, bringing an older laptop to an important client meeting could still color some people’s perceptions of your overall plan and cause them to see your company as being outdated.

With a tablet, a small business today can be as cutting edge as it chooses. No more having multiple parties try to huddle around one person’s laptop, simply turn and show other meeting attendees, or better yet–pass around the sleek device to give people a hands-on experience, allowing them to pinch and zoom or scroll to the information and points most applicable to their needs.

Tablets powered by Intel® Core™ processorintegrate seamlessly into your business. With its convenient touch screen, Windows* 8 features, high-speed functionality and power-optimized design; a tablet is a simple, cost-effective way of keeping your company ahead of the curve. Your applications and programs will sync flawlessly in one device, and when you hold meetings–have a simpler way to showcase your ideas, share insight with your peers, and preserve the vision you have for your business. Because as any small business knows, sometimes the perceptions others have about your company can make or break the business.

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