3 Ways Old PCs are Stealing from Your Business


Intel PC Cost InfographicThe phrase “Time is money,” coined by inventor Benjamin Franklin, can often ring too true for small business owners around the world. The

global nature of today’s business landscape means that even though an organization is a small business, it is competing against large corporations for a global audience. How do small businesses keep up? The answer lies in small business owners being resilient, efficient, and economical–but unfortunately outdated tools and technologies can hold small businesses back.

1. Money

A recent global survey conducted by Techaisle found that by maintaining PCs that are more than four years old, small businesses are at risk of losing a significant amount of money. By surveying 736 small businesses from six different countries, the study found thatrepairing an old PC is more expensive than buying a new one. In fact, it can cost an average of $427 over time in repair costs per PC that is older than four years.

2. Time

The study also found that a small business mightlose more than a week worth of productivity when having to deal with the repairs of old PCs. There is also the issue of older PCs having trouble running multiple applications at one time and losing battery life at much greater speeds. All of these things take time away from employees and affect how they get their work done.

3. Reputation

Finally, there is the risk of harming the reputation of small businesses. What type of impression are SMBs giving their customers or potential customers when they show up with dated technology? Customers want to work with organizations that are ahead of the curve and the best in their field. What does a small business’s current technology say about its business?

These are the last things that small business owners should be worrying about. If they are expected to compete at the global level and build their local business, they need to be able to rely on their tools to get the job done. By having to focus their time and their money on repairing technology, they are missing out on opportunities to advance their business and compete at a higher level. By upgrading totechnologiesthat are known to be efficient, reliable, and affordable, small businesses can focus on what really matters–their business. An investment in resources and tools is an investment in a small business's future.

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