Oh My – OOMA Small Business Phone System…

Business Speak

To this day, there is still an opportunity for a “void filler” to satisfy the demand for telecom in small business, created by

the abrupt departure of Microsoft Response Point in 2009/2010, and the slow fade of the Cisco small business phone systems a la its refocus on the enterprise. The very first one in the world was awarded to Jamison West (pictured at right in white shirt), a Seattle-based MSP, as part of the SMB Nation Spring Conference prize drawings.

Boasting average savings of more than 60% over competing business phone services, Ooma Office provides unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada for only $19.99/month. That price includes full features (auto-receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, music-on-hold) on top of HD service. It’s truly oriented toward the small business – it supports five lines, five phone extensions, and 15 virtual extensions. Ooma doesn’t claim to be a “mid-size” system. It’s all “S,” baby with Ooma.

Mark my words: If I were fired tomorrow, I’d reopen for business doing something a day later, and I’d surely be using the Ooma telephone system. Learn more at www.ooma.com.