BrightGauge 3.0 to Offer Advanced Analytics, Aggregated Data Reporting

Business Speak

BrightGauge Software said that it has released BrightGauge 3.0, the company’s latest update to its web-based business analytics and customer-reporting platform for MSPs. The new

release provides enhanced customization of data metrics and more robust reporting features that now enable MSPs to measure and visualize their own business performance across their entire client base.

BrightGauge 3.0 is designed to build upon the software’s existing success as a time-saving platform for MSPs to automatically create, schedule and distribute personalized and easy-to-understand client-focused business intelligence reports. With the introduction of 3.0, BrightGauge now provides MSPs with the added ability to aggregate data across their entire customer base and generate internal reports that illustrate their own business-performance, including sales, profitability, engineer utilization, open and closed tickets, average time to ticket resolution, workstation disk utilization and more.

“BrightGauge 3.0 is a major architectural and platform enhancement that now allows MSPs to measure and analyze their own operational performance with the same ease of use and intuitiveness we’ve always offered,” said Brian Dosal, president and product manager of BrightGauge Software.

Because of its SaaS platform, BrightGauge automatically upgrades existing customers’ platforms at no additional fee. All customers receive free training, implementation consultation and technical support, which are also included in their monthly subscriptions.