CloudBerry Lab now offering Backup via Advanced Remote Management

Business Speak

CloudBerry Lab, a vendor of an Amazon Web Services powered cloud backup solution for Managed Service Providers has enhanced its Managed Backup service

by offering advanced level remote management.

In the CloudBerry Managed Backup, new version service providers are enabled to get full control over their customers’ backup jobs remotely. Using web-based control panels they can create and modify backup plans, specify plan name and backup source, create filters for specific types of files and folders, configure backup schedule as well as specify compression and encryption options.

All the configurations are made through the Web interface and don’t require on-site support. As soon as a backup plan is created and saved, it immediately applies to the selected workstation or server and appears in the backup client user interface. Also service providers are enabled to remotely run and stop backup plans. In case something went wrong provider can remotely send logs from the user's computer directly to the CloudBerry Lab support team to address the issue.

Alongside with the backup plan remote configuration service provider can easily see and modify all plans created by the end user, change user’s access credentials to backup client. And more with one button click backup client settings can be changed to common mode meaning backup plan configuration becomes common to all users on the computer.

Service Providers can sign up for CloudBerry Managed Backup service for a free trial.