Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Updates

Business Speak

office365We recently received news from our contact at Microsoft concerning changes to the SkyDrive Pro cloud storage for business system. There are

three main updates that are designed to simplify use and adoption of the SkyDrive system.

First, Microsoft announced that they are upgrading all user accounts from 7GB to 25GB of storage. Office 365 developers, Mark Kashman and Tejas Mehta explained in a blog this week that the overall storage per user would be 25GB of SkyDrive data, plus 25GB of e-mail data, plus 5GB per mailbox you create, plus total available tenant storage.

Kashman and Mehta then explained that SharePoint admins can now customize the amount of data allowed per individual user. Though the default is 25GB, admins may now grant either 50GB or 100GB limits, which can be processed 25 customers/users at a time. If additional storage is needed, admins may then view the metrics page and purchase additional storage at $0.20/GB/user/month.

The final update speaks to making the system a bit more intuitive to use. The Shared with Me section of SkyDrive Pro will now contain all folder and documents that have been shared with a user’s specific account. This will also allow the user to have the same edit, view, etc. permissions as the person who shared the document.

If you have time this weekend (for those of you not driving in the busy US holiday traffic), hop over to the Office365 technology blog listing here for more information about these changes, and others announced this week.